We Are All One is about our collective love for the game of basketball.
There are kids playing on chalk-lined driveways
and families shooting hoops together.
Games are played in rec centers, high schools, neighborhood parks,
in college gymnasiums, huge downtown arenas,
at the Olympics, and in narrow alleys behind homes.
All over the globe,
There's someone who went out today and shot some hoops by himself.
There's someone who just made a pro roster.
There's someone who just started in her first game.
There's someone who nailed a half-court heave with no one else watching.
There's someone laying in bed wishing they could have played a little longer.

We love the game
And that makes us one.
Through all our differences—
where we grew up
the jerseys we wear,
and the allegences we make—
we recognize our shared love of basketball.
We Are All One.